David Satori

David Satori is an international touring musician and producer. He brings experience with many different styles of world music to the experimental world fusion and electronic music group Beats Antique.

While attending the California Institute of the Arts he formed an experimental instrumental group called The Funnies that toured in a bus that ran on recycled vegetable oil. He later joined Aphrodesia, a ten-piece afro-beat group. Aphrodesia toured the US and made a trip to Nigeria and traveled throughout West Africa playing music. The afro-beat group’s tour ended in a performance at the New Shrine in Lagos, a venue built by the son of afro-beat composer and player Fela Kuti. His son Femi Kuti also sat in with Aphrodesia, and inspired Satori to produce their 2007 album, Lagos by Bus.

Beats Antique was formed in San Francisco, California in 2007 in collaboration with dancer Zoe Jakes and musician Tommy Cappel.

He founded electro blues group Dirtwire with fellow multi instrumentalist Evan Fraser (of world groove bands Hamsa Lila and Stellamara) in 2012.

David plays instruments including and not limited to: violin, banjo, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, slide banjo, jimbush, kone, guimbri, samples, piano, ilimba, percussion, drums & production.



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