Kevin Owocki

Kevin Owocki is the founder of, an Ethereum-based Web3 development and networking platform for growing open source software (OSS).

A software engineer by profession, Kevin Owocki has a BS in Computer Science and extensive engineering leadership experience as a community organizer in Open Source Software development and Web Startups. His interests include machine learning, computer vision, VR, AR, cryptocurrencies and plenoptic photography.

Since its founding, Gitcoin has been a key contributor to Web3 through grants, bounties and fellowships.

By connecting developers with open source projects, Gitcoin aims to collaboratively build a digital public infrastructure that will lay the foundations for the future of the open internet.

His work has been featured in TechCrunch, CNN, Inc Magazine, The New York Times, BoingBoing, WIRED, Forbes, Blaser Mills, Epicenter, HackerNoon, CoinDesk, Epicenter, and TechDigest.

Kevin Owocki wearing glasses standing in front of a green background
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