Vajra is a self-taught visionary artist who paints with the bodhisattvic intention that it be for the evolution of consciousness and co – creation of a better world for all beings.

Vajra’s art is a synthesis of art, magic, science and spirituality through a lens of nonduality. Recurrent themes in his art include the union of polarity, our responsibility to ourselves, the Earth and all creatures with whom we share it, interconnectedness, and the cultivation of love and compassion.

Vajra’s love for our planet motivates him as an artist. His brush is moved by the dazzling beauty and complexity of life in all its forms and his sorrow at its destruction.

Through his art, Vajra shares his philosophy and the knowledge he has gleaned through his research and exploration of the ancient origins of civilization, space-time geometry and free energy.

He believes his paintings are portals connecting the viewer to other worlds, beings and higher density reality, each with its own history, life and message.

Vajra in Sanskrit means “thunderbolt.” He strives to bring this flash of illumination through his paintings. Another translation is “diamond scepter”, that which can cut through anything but cannot itself be cut. His intention is that his paintings pierce through the veils and connect the viewer with what matters most.

His ultimate goal is to awaken the latent gods and goddesses within, helping others realize that we are all “reality architects” whose internal experience affects not just the individual but the collective, each of us shaping reality through our thoughts, words, actions and interactions.

Vajra paints live at events around the world, always appreciating the opportunity to transmit the message and stories behind his paintings, his insight and guiding philosophy in person.

His art has been featured in galleries worldwide.

He is the curator at Mystic Hearts Gallery in Venice California, where he creates a collection featuring the work of over a dozen brilliant visionary artists.

Live from the Heart, the rest will follow.



“Art From the Heart” – Visionary Art Intensive with Vajra

In this week-long painting retreat, students of all levels will gain valuable insight and develop their technical skills as artists.

The intensive is broken down into three parts.

During the first three days, students will explore abstraction as a means of storytelling. Starting with decalcomania, the focus will be on light, color and texture, without expectation or symbolism. Students are encouraged to “see” something in the chaos of paint and pull a narrative out of the abstract potential of their canvas, solidifying the story with their brushes. This approach to painting is easily accessible to all, as it doesn’t really require drawing skills, just imagination.

The next three days will focus more on refining technical skills. The purpose of this chapter is to learn how to bring visions to life. It begins with an illustrated PowerPoint presentation where Vajra will explain his entire process, from conceptualizing a project through finishing touches. The class will work on an approachable, but elegant design. Vajra will provide the board and drawing so that all can learn together and follow along as he demonstrates how to make a painting in his unique style. Students are encouraged to follow along, as the skills demonstrated will help on whatever students wish to paint in the future.

Class will run for 8 hours for the first six days, but Vajra will be available for an extra three hours at the end of each day for students who wish to paint longer.

The final day of painting will conclude with something special. Vajra will answer any remaining questions. Following the afternoon painting session, students will complete their journey with an open house. Students are invited to showcase the art they created during the workshop and paint live if so called, or just dance and have fun.

Materials will be provided, but students are encouraged to bring their favorite paints and brushes.

Headshot of Vajra, visionary artist, black and white

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