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Groucho Fractal is a DIY eco-tech stage show focused on sustainability, knowledge sharing, and radical decentralization. It’s powered by bicycle and features brain computer interface as well as edible 3d printing.

Groucho Fractal’s Nearly Amazing Quixotic Transdimensional Eco-Tech Survival Guide at the End (and Beginning) of Everything is a DIY spectacle featuring a veritable bevy of new ideas. It explores the intersection of science, consciousness, art, environmental sustainability and tasty snacks.


The DIY eco-tech stage show is an interactive adventure featuring a recursive self-contained miniature closed-grid energy ecosystem featuring a bicycle powered electrical generator, brain computer interface device, focus/meditation techniques using neurofeedback, and the SourcerBot (a self replicating environmentally friendly 3D food printer invented by the Groucho Fractal / Sufficiently Advanced Technologies team which creates snacks by using audience members brainwaves.)

The show invites us to dig deeply into the tangled and complex relationships between power and energy (both electrical and political) while approaching a future filled with decentralized systems built upon the scaled-up philosophies of mutual aid, and environmental sustainability.

During the performance, a semi-permanent autonomous zone is created in which to contemplate the myriad of ways in which emerging technologies may be incorporated into everyday life through a lens of celebration, caution, skepticism and fun.

And yes, tasty vegan snacks made from brainwaves.

Hosted by artist and inventor Scott Beibin and special guests


Groucho Fractal / Scientists Are The New Rockstars has been presented at schools such as Concordia University, Lawrence University, RISD  as well as conferences such as SIGINT, BIL, DogecoinNYC Party and events such as Boom Festival and Burning Man. Groucho Fractal has also performed at events with artists such as Imagika Om, Kaminanda and Aligning Minds.



 Photos by Telah Quemare, Elizabeth-Jane Cole, Robin Gunkel, and Hunter 

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