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The Devil and Daniel Johnston

dir. Jeff Feuerzeig | 110 minutes | 2005 | documentary
theatrical run


The Devil and Daniel Johnston is a stunning portrait of a musical and artistic genius who nearly slipped away.

Daniel Johnston is a manic-depressive genius singer/songwriter/artist, revealed in this portrait of madness, creativity and love.

Director Jeff Feuerzeig exquisitely depicts a perfect example of brilliance and madness going hand in hand with subject Daniel Johnston.

As an artist suffering from manic depression with delusions of grandeur, Daniel Johnston’s wild fluctuations, numerous downward spirals, and periodic respites are exposed in this deeply moving documentary.


Praise for The Devil and Daniel Johnston:

“It’s the way Feuerzeig walks with him on the line between creativity and madness that digs this haunting and hypnotic film into your memory.” – Rolling Stone

“Feuerzeig recounts it all with clear-eyed candor, turning to Johnston’s battered friends and family for insight and empathy and to Johnston’s tapes and drawings for an inside look at his illness.” – Chicago Tribune

“As its title suggests, the picture is something of a ballad, an ode to an elusive character who’s both quintessentially human and so outlandish he almost seems unreal.” –

“At the end of the day, Johnston’s childlike stream of unrequited love landed him on MTV, Atlantic Records, and now a feature-length theatrical recounting of his life. Take that, Satan.” – Austin Chronicle



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Book The Devil and Daniel Johnston


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