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Our House in Space

Our House in Space:
Presented by Ian Cheney
60 minute presentation followed by Q+A / Meet and Greet

The “environment” is just another word for our home in outer space. Growing up in America today, it’s easy to take our home for granted: water pours from the tap, energy flows from the sockets, and calories cost pennies at the corner store. With more and more of us living in cities, fewer and fewer of us understand where our “things” come from, and this disconnect lies at the heart of our problematic relationship with the natural world. When we cannot see the farms that supply our food, the forests that build our cities, or the stars above our heads, the natural world becomes more an idea than a reality.

In a lively, humorous, multimedia presentation, Ian Cheney leads audiences behind the scenes of the feature films King Corn and The Greening Of Southie, showing how the more we know about the sources of our sustenance, the better prepared we are as consumers, voters, and citizens. Emphasizing the importance of everyday choices, Ian asserts that reconnecting to the natural world is a necessary prerequisite for environmental sustainability. And whether it’s growing food in the back of your pickup truck or just reading a soda label more closely, there are myriad ways forward that enrich our lives, power our economy, and rebuild our house in space.

[Click here for speaker bio for Ian Cheney]


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