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Eric Drooker

Eric Drooker is available both for lectures and painting and illustration master classes.

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Eric Drooker is a painter, poster artist, graphic novelist, and storyteller from New York City. His dreamlike stories depict human struggle through a sense of wonder and humor, exploring a wide range of social issues through a visual narrative. Reflected within is a deep love for urbanity, combined with inspiration by social-realist art of the first half of the 20th century.

For many decades, his illustrations and prints (done in a black-and-white style reminiscent of Frans Masereel and other 1930s expressionist illustrators) have widely been incorporated into punk show flyers and political protest posters. His work is seen as part of a living document of activist movements for social and environmental justice around the globe with a critique of class, power, and privilege.

When World War 3 Illustrated was founded by Lower East Side artists Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper, who shared Drooker’s political beliefs and graphic approach, Drooker became one of the magazine’s co-editors and frequent contributors. Eventually Drookers work began to appear in mainstream publications, and he became more widely known as a cartoonist.

His current paintings are frequently seen on the covers of The New Yorker and in The Nation, Village Voice, Newsweek, and the New York Times’ Op-Ed Page. Portions of his artwork have been used in album covers for the bands Faith No More and Rage Against the Machine.

His friendship and collaboration with the late poet Allen Ginsberg led to several collaborative projects including the best selling Howl: A Graphic Novel (2010) (based on the epic poem by Ginsburg), and Illuminated Poems. Drooker also designed the animation for the 2010 film HOWL!

Ginsberg wrote, “I was flattered that so radical an artist of later generations found the body of my poetry still relevant, even inspiring … Drooker’s old Poe hallucinations of beauteous deathly reality transcend political hang-up and fix our present American dreams.”

In 2006, the Library of Congress acquired the original art for Flood! A Novel in Pictures, including preliminary drawings, sketches and cover paintings. The complete Flood! Archive is housed in the Prints & Photographs Division of the Library of Congress, which is open to the public.

Eric Drooker’s publications include:

O Muse! (2013)

Howl: A Graphic Novel (with Allen Ginsberg) (2010)

Slingshot: 32 Postcards (2008)

Blood Song: A Silent Ballad (2002)

Street Posters & Ballads (1998)

Flood! A Novel in Pictures (Winner of the American Book Award) (1992)

Illuminated Poems (with Allen Ginsberg) (1992)
Art Spiegelman wrote in The New York Times Book Review of Flood! A Novel in Pictures:   A complex, dream-charged vision of alienation in the wet, mean streets of New York City, where primal, natural urges are suppressed in the lonely isolation of crowds. It’s a picture of a soulless civilization headed toward the apocalypse. It’s a poetic and lyrical novel—told virtually without words . . . Mr. Drooker has discovered the magic of pulling light and life out of an inky sea of darkness.”


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